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2018-19 SMGF “Select” Rules and Policies

“Select” is a program developed by ASA (Amateur Softball Assn) that provides the option for advanced players to play at a more challenging level during the recreational season.  Each year, ASA recreational leagues lose players and volunteers to travel ball due to a desire to play softball at a more competitive level.  ASA Select is intended to allow advanced players to play against all star caliber teams from other leagues within the Los Angeles/South Bay District and So-Cal ASA to get a higher level of competition, while keeping costs low, and without compromising the integrity of the primary recreational league. 

When Select teams are formed, they replace what has been commonly known as the “Gold” Summer All Star team, and become the primary tournament team for the league in their respective division.  SMGF will continue to support as many summer all star teams as is reasonably possible in each division.

Select is an option for the 10U through 14U divisions only; only one Select team per division is permitted.  The Select team is restricted to playing in ASA “B” championship events (District, State, Nationals), and must be entered in any other tournaments as a “Gold” caliber team. Other All Star teams in a division with a Select team will continue to participate in their District, State and Regional competitions.


2018 Fall Ball Select Program

The Select Committee and Board will determine whether SMGF will form 2018 Fall Ball Select teams.  Interested coaches may petition the SMGF Board to form a Fall Ball Select team in the 10U and 12U divisions.  This will be evaluated on a case by case basis with the best interest of the entire league taken into account.  Petitions should be received by August 12, 2018.  Unless the SMGF Board determines otherwise, the rules applying to Spring Select shall apply to Fall Select.


Spring 2019 Season

Player Participation Requirements

All Select players must have been registered with an ASA recreational league during the prior year.  Select players may not play or practice with a Travel Ball team after February 1st.   Select players must commit to participating through both the spring recreational league (“rec ball”) season and the summer tournament season as follows:

            Spring Participation (Jan-March)

Select players must play in the SMGF spring rec ball league and must play a minimum of 75% of all rec league games to remain eligible for Select.  Select players simultaneously commit to at least 80% of their Select team’s spring activities.  Any player who fails to adhere to the required time commitments, which is assessed at the conclusion of the rec league game schedule, may be dismissed from the Select team, and depending on the circumstances, may be ineligible to play on other SMGF All Star teams (see rules below).

            Summer Participation (April-July)

During the summer tournament season, Select players must attend at least 90% of Select activities, which will include some weekend travel to out of town tournaments.  Any player who fails to adhere to the required time commitments may be dismissed from the Select team and will not be eligible to play on another SMGF All Star team (see rules below).

SMGF Select Committee

Select Team Staff will be determined by the SMGF Select Committee and ratified by the SMGF Board of Directors.  The Select Committee is comprised of the SMGF President or his/her designee, the SMGF All-Star/Select Coordinator, SMGF Training Director, and 2 at-large members with at least 2 years of SMGF All Stars coaching experience. The SMGF Board of Directors will appoint the 2 at-large members.

Coach Selection Procedure

To be eligible to Head Coach a Select team, applicants must be ACE Certified and prior softball coaching experience is a requirement.  It is desirable that the applicant have managed or coached within SMGF and have experience at the All Star level.

Those interested in a Select Head Coach position must submit a Select Head Coach Application (located on the SMGF website) to the Select/All Star Coordinator no later than January 6, 2019.  Assuming the existence of qualified candidates, the Select Committee will select all Head Coaches who must be approved by the SMGF Board. 

Each Head Coach will recommend up to two Assistant Coaches and a Team Administrator. The SMGF Board of Directors shall review and must approve all proposed Select team staff. 

Player Selection Procedure

To be eligible for Select, a player must be registered with the league for the upcoming spring rec ball season and adhere to the rec ball participation requirements noted above.  Per SMGF rules, a player may play in a higher rec ball age division during the spring yet try out for their regular age division’s Select team.

          Tryouts and “Playing Up”

Specific tryout dates for the Select team will be announced on the SMGF website and emailed to every registered player for the current and prior SMGF recreation seasons.  Although not mandatory, any player who wants to be considered for a Select team is highly encouraged to attend the tryout session. If a player is unable to make it the scheduled tryout, an email to the select committee (selectteam@santamonicagirlssoftball.orgmust be sent, expressing the that the player would like to be considered for the Select team.

A player may petition to play in a higher age division Select team (or multiple age divisions).  Attending an age division’s try-out signifies that the player intends to play if offered a spot on that Select team.

Players will be evaluated by the age division’s Select coaching staff, the Select Committee, and any additional evaluators invited by the Select Committee.

          Team Roster Formation

The Head Coach will select his/her players based on the tryout evaluations and prior performance record; a player’s previous SMGF coaches shall be consulted in this process.  The Select Committee shall review and approve each Select team roster.  The Select Committee’s role is oversight to prevent egregious errors only.

Selected players will be notified that they have been placed on a Select team.  Players chosen for the Select Team are expected to make softball a priority over other extracurricular activities given the heavy time commitment required (80% for spring, 90% for summer).

The final roster for a Select team may have up to 13 players.  Additional players may be invited to play on the team’s practice squad at the discretion of the Head Coach.  It must be made clear that practice squad players are not on the team roster.  Practice squad players have the right to leave at anytime but cannot continue past March 31 per ASA rule.

Players not placed on a Select team remain eligible for SMGF’s other summer All Star team(s).

Adding and Dropping of Players

Prior to the March 31 ASA deadline for summer team rosters, Select coaching staffs have the right to request to add or cut players (adhering to the 13-player maximum), based on player performance, attitude, attendance, or any other reasonable basis related to team chemistry or performance.  The Select Committee must consider the interests of the entire league when reviewing such requests, and the Committee’s decision for a given player shall be final.

The league understands that a player’s circumstances may change over the course of a season, such that a player may be forced to drop from the Select program.  If a player drops before March 31st (ASA summer roster deadline), their eligibility for other SMGF All Star teams shall be determined by the Select Committee upon the player’s request. 

If a player drops from their Select team after March 31st, they will not be eligible for any SMGF All Star team per ASA rules.  Depending on the circumstances and reason for dropping, the player may be deemed ineligible for future Select and All Star participation, as determined by the Select Committee and SMGF Board of Directors.

Fees and Costs

No additional registration fee is required for Select participation, but there will be additional costs.  As with summer All Star teams, the Select Teams will be self-funded in terms of umpire fees, team uniforms and equipment, and tournament entry fees.