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What It Takes To Be An SMGF All-Star 

- Financial costs: Not counting indirect expenses, such as gasoline, food, and lodging, the cost for participating is approximately $500 (less for 8U Silver). This cost is for registration, uniforms, tournament fees, insurance, practice field space, and an optional All-Star jacket. Should a team advance to the State tournament and qualify to participate in the National tournament, costs could be substantially higher due to travel and lodging expenses. Although the league will lend limited financial support to teams that advance beyond district tournaments, SMGF All-Star teams are self-supporting and not funded by the spring recreation league program.

- Tournaments are scheduled for every weekend from early-May through early July. If a team qualifies for the ASA National Tournament, the season will be extended into August. There are several invitational tournaments that teams may enter during July at the discretion of the team staff. All-Star players are expected to participate in ALL tournaments throughout the All-Star season.

- Practices may be scheduled every day during the week at the individual team staff’s discretion. All-Star players are expected to make every reasonable attempt to participate in all team practices throughout the All-Star season.

- Commitment Requirement: Participation in other activities (i.e.: other sports, family vacations, etc.) that will directly conflict with an All-Star player’s ability to give a complete commitment to her All-Star softball team is not acceptable. Prior to accepting an All-Star nomination, a choice MUST be made by the player and parents as to which activity is the most important. If All-Star softball is determined to be the most important activity; full and complete participation is expected and required. All-Stars are expected to attend at least 90% of team functions (they are not penalized for missing All-Star functions in order to fulfill their obligation to their spring team; they are also not penalized for illness or injury; they are not penalized for missing due to school functions such as graduation, etc.). Players who fail to meet this 90% level are liable to be removed from the team and will be ineligible to play on All-Star teams in the future.

- Please, do not attempt to discuss specific details regarding players’ abilities, possible All-Star player selections or possible All-Star manager selections or basically anything regarding All-Stars. ASA strictly prohibits certain types of discussions prior to May 1. The SMGF Board of Directors will investigate anybody trying to influence the selection of players and team staff. If allegations are found to be accurate, disciplinary action will be taken including the possibility of eliminating the players’ ability to play All-Stars or the coaches’ ability to apply for an All-Star staff position.

- All participants in All-Stars including players, parents, and guests shall represent Santa Monica Girls Fastpitch at all times and must never conduct themselves in a way that is detrimental to the reputation or identity of the league. It is understood and agreed that if a participant willfully disregards the established rules of the league or this policy, the SMGF Board of Directors will take disciplinary action. Consequences may include elimination from the All-Star season and possibly affect eligibility for the following season(s). Notification of Law Enforcement may be taken if required by law or if deemed appropriate or necessary.

- All participants in All-Stars including players, parents, and guests must abide by the rules of the hotels, camping facilities, field facilities, parks, schools and the rules that are specific to the tournament including any rules pertaining to the consumption of alcohol and smoking. SMGF has a strict no alcohol policy at all tournament locations.

- All participants understand that it is entirely up to the head coach which players play which positions, which players will be substitute players, which players bat in a certain order, etc. All participants understand that they may not play in the position they have been playing during the regular recreational season and that they might not play at all in a game. All players are expected to support the team regardless of the amount of playing time a player may have.

- All participants understand that any funds owed to SMGF must be paid in full or else the player will not be considered eligible for All-Stars.

Player Eligibility Certification: To be considered for SMGF All-Stars, a player may not have participated in any manner with any travel softball team after March 31, 2018.

Tournaments schedule can be found here