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“Select” is a program developed by ASA (Amateur Softball Assn) that provides the option for advanced players to play at a more challenging level during the recreational season.  Each year, ASA recreational leagues lose players and volunteers to travel ball due to a desire to play softball at a more competitive level.  ASA Select is intended to allow advanced players to play against all star caliber teams from other leagues within the Los Angeles/South Bay District and So-Cal ASA to get a higher level of competition, while keeping costs low, and without compromising the integrity of the primary recreational league. 

When Select teams are formed, they replace what has been commonly known as the “Gold” Summer All Star team, and become the primary tournament team for the league in their respective division.  SMGF will continue to support as many summer all star teams as is reasonably possible in each division.

Select is an option for the 10U through 14U divisions only; only one Select team per division is permitted.  The Select team is restricted to playing in ASA “B” championship events (District, State, Nationals), and must be entered in any other tournaments as a “Gold” caliber team. Other All Star teams in a division with a Select team will continue to participate in their District, State and Regional competitions.